Settlements $99.00
Simultaneous Settlement i.e. same venue, time and firm - please phone for a quote $66.00 (per party per transaction)
Attempted Settlement - managers discretion $66.00
Banking Cheques $11.00
Uplifting Cheques $11.00
EDR Stamping of Contract for Sale of Land & Transfer "at Settlement" only where Newcastle City Agents is also acting for you at settlement $44.00

Trust Account Matters

Account: Newcastle City Agents Trust Account

*Contact us for
Funds via Trust Account for settlement $44.00
Fee per Bank Cheque (Please note, we do not draw Trust Cheques) $16.50

Computer Folio Title Search (via online facility only) $33.00

EDR Stamping of Contract for Sale of Land and Transfers  
Per stamping - available 4.30 pm following business day $44.00

Note: all prices are current as at 1st July 2018 and include GST
Please contact Stanley Shultz 4925 2722 for a quote, or any other enquiry.